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MiddleWater will monitor and inspect your dock weekly and as needed to ensure it is secure and positioned properly. Consistent inspections allow you to rely on your dock being ready for you when you need it. 


MiddleWater understands how as little as 2" of rain can change the lake level. Proactively adjusting your winches is crucial in making sure your dock is properly positioned before the storm arrives.


Our completely integrated software lets us not only notate all of our inspection results, it also allows our customers to log into their customer portal to see these results in real-time. You will know when MiddleWater was there, exactly what was performed, and have a history of actionable items that were addressed.

Ready for the unexpected

Lake levels can change by as much as a few feet overnight. Monitoring weather and lake levels on an hourly basis allows us to accurately forecast required dock adjustments before, and after, a rapid lake level changing event happens.

Looking to recover your freedom?

Whether you live here or have a lake home here, we all come to this lake to enjoy it. Typically, we're not trying to find extra chores to dig into our free time. MiddleWater can be the convenience you're looking for when it comes to your dock. Short-term traveling in your future? We also have as short as 1-month agreements so you can travel with peace of mind.

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